Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Knott's before Spring Break

It was a very gloomy day for Eric and I at Knott's Berry Farm. It's the week before most Spring Breaks and it was the "quiet before the storm". Speaking of schools, there seemed to be many kids there with school field trips. We witnessed a few groups being led by ladies in "period dress" through Ghost Town. No photos of the kids because well that's just weird and I think borderline illegal. I felt for those ladies directing the children and not the awful parents that tagged along to miss work. (Smiling like the kids weren't misbehaving)

Eric is ready to spin on Le Revolucion
I have never really been a fan of attractions that spin and today was no different. Even though I felt this way, when your fiancée asks you to ride with him, you follow because you love him. It's basically a pendulum that spins as it swings. You can see Eric in the shot where he's all excited to spin! I did ok and I think I'd do it again sometime next year. Seeing as most rides in Fiesta Village spin we didn't spend too much time there.

Quiet day in Ghost Town
We did experienced a few "firsts" on this trip. One surprise was the Galloping Goose. It's the train that was used in lieu of the steam train. I don't know a lot about it, except its from the Depression Era (according to @knotts on Twitter). It seemed to have an engine of a bus, but wheels and body of a small train. I'd say the small size made it easier for the railroad bandits to hop aboard!

Something we hadn't done in a while was visit Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant. Cordelia sure knew how to fry herself a chicken! The staff there is very nice and welcoming. At $16.99 one gets quite a spread. Salad, soup, biscuits, Fried Chicken/Mashed Potatoes, and a dessert. There are other selections such as sandwiches and entree salads. Our order proved to be too much food for Eric and I, so we needed boxes for left overs. And now it's the day after. I feel as big as a house after that meal!

To try and walk off what we ate, we headed to a first time visit of Independence Hall. It's across the way from the park's entrance. The building is a replica of where the Declaration of Independence signing took place. On the way there we made some new friends. Chickens, ducks, a rooster, and geese all seem to reside on this pathway. Will those chickens be in the restaurant tomorrow?

Sneaking up on the birds (yes, i realize what this looks like)

There's a 15 minute presentation, all audio/lighting, depicting the actions taken by Congress. We figured those school groups had to have passed through here earlier in the day. It was an empty hall when we walked through. Again I must mention the service. The lady working at the hall was very nice and had some good information. I did feel a little bad for her just sitting there alone.

We did hop on a few favorites during our day such as Calico Mine Train, and Silver Bullet. Eric and I stopped by Boomerang to finally see the new paint job in person. The railings surrounding the coaster also appeared new, but I can't be sure. Just across from Boomerang, the new Coast Rider is going vertical. As of today there is more of the structure visible. I took a photo of what it looked like when we saw it. I'm sure updated shots are online elsewhere.

The Knott's Berry Bloom even starts on Friday, the 23rd. I can't report too much on that other than it is themed to flowers. There were some nice flower beds throughout the park and even Wisteria in Ghost Town. I know that Eric and I are somewhat interested to see what that is. We might be able to convince Rey and Brandi to come along so maybe the next update will be on the "Bloom". (all photos from my trusty iphone 5)
Coast Rider is going vertical

Camp Snoopy...looks nice