Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finishing up Las Vegas with food and Alcohol

There's a huge draw about Vegas that I haven't yet mentioned, the food buffet. Where do I start to talk about the food buffets? Almost all the hotels have one, but where is the best? There are a few front runners for Eric and myself. One hotel buffet that comes to mind is The Wynn Buffet. They have a great setting that gives one the feeling of dining within a garden conservatory. It's very impressive. The food is equally pleasing to look at and to eat. It will cost you between $25-$40, depending on holidays or the time of day. 

This time around we decided to stick with our hotel and eat at The Spice Market Buffet. I kept calling it "Spice World Buffet". We read that at some point in time, this buffet was once considered the best on the Las Vegas Strip. It helped that our hotel offered a 20% off coupon. Saving anywhere we can helps in the long run. 

When someone is as hungry as we were, the wait to be seated felt longer. It would have been smarter for us to maybe not eat at the ideal dinner time. Oh well. Luckily we were given a booth with an awesome server. The next decision is, "Where do I start?" There was a grand selection of food. 

I don't think Eric or I sampled all that was available. I had been craving sushi for a few weeks so I made a bee line for that and Mexican food. I thought it was an odd and fun combination. The one photo I did snap was of the dessert area. The workers behind the counter were even making Cotton Candy. I almost grabbed one because I've never seen that offered at a buffet, but I didn't. 

After enjoying our meal we wanted to grab a Piña Colada from a stand at Ceaser's Palace. The bar/stand is right near the Serendipity restaurant. As we stepped out it was great to feel that it wasn't a hot night, which we've experienced before. Once we made the long walk to the Bacardi stand we were told "Cash Only!" We became very disappointed because the drinks there are great. Eric and I don't carry cash usually and since we don't gamble that much, all we had were cards. 

Our plan was to grab that drink and watch a few of the Bellagio fountain shows. Eric had an idea to hit up the similar bar located outside of the Paris Hotel. When we got to the location we waited in line, but they also only took cash. As you read this you might wonder, "Why not visit an ATM?" Well the machines charge around six dollars to pull out your money. 

At this point we were a little annoyed but we crossed the street back to The Bellagio. There was a show in about 10 minutes and a crowd was starting to gather. The show began and the soundtrack used was Elton John's "Your Song". Lame! It was a lackluster water show. We do enjoy the song but not for something like this. We wanted a show that was a little more grand and exciting. 

After the show it was around 11 pm and from the long day we were getting tired. There wasn't a plan to go to sleep, but rather to hang out at the hotel. As we entered back into the hotel we came across a bar that carried a "Yard" of whatever you wanted. This location had Piña Colada yards!! We ordered up two drinks and set out for the casino. 

We were both feeling a little lucky and thought we'd play at least $20 on video poker. We broke one of our Las Vegas rules, we used an ATM. If you're reading this please know to ALWAYS use an ATM before arriving. We each paid about $6. At that point we just said to ourselves, "Oh well, we're in Vegas!" Now we know to NOT forget to visit the ATM prior to leaving for Las Vegas.

My $20 lasted about an hour. I think that's pretty good! I bounced around machines like normal slots, blackjack, and then went back to video poker. Eric's $20 lasted just slightly less than mine. Once I gained $3 from what I started with, I cashed out and said, "Ok bed time!"

So it was back to the room to relax and finish the wine! To be honest, we didn't have a lot of it left. But, it's also good to enjoy the money you spend on your room. 

The following day we stuck to our plans to be on the road before 11 AM. Our anniversary trip was full of variety and fun. I can't say I wouldn't stay at Planet Hollywood again because we were pleased with it. For the next Vegas trip I'd like to try The Cosmopolitan. It's tres chic! So off we went into the dry desert and left The Strip behind as we headed back to The Golden State. 

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