Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Roaring '20s Birthday

When it comes to interiors, I always seem to gravitate toward modern or  "clean lines". It was an easy choice to feature the era filled with Art Deco at my birthday party. Of course the feel of flappers and booze would also permeate the party. This idea was also sparked from the recent release of The Great Gatsby. The lavish parties thrown by the hermit of a character gave me some strong inspiration. I could have stuck with the dark, underground feel of a 1920s Speakeasy, but I wanted a more lively feel. I immediately wanted to feature the colors of Silver, Black, with a touch of Gold. 

Eric contributed quite a bit to the party's look. Brainstorming began in mid June for our July 13th party date. It was decided early on that we had to have our guests dress the part. Although we'd provide a vintage backdrop, our friends would give it life. 

Eric and I gave hard thought to bring in unique details our guests wouldn't forget. I had hoped people would get the sense that others lived in this party setting, that they had time traveled. We looked online for vintage portraits to occupy our frames on the shelving and walls. I'll even give it away that these temporary photo frames were purchased at the Dollar Tree. 

The den was sectioned off from the main living space with a silvery curtain. I had hoped the curtain would do a great job at catching the light. It did just that. Within the den I strived for a lounge with darker lighting. Sticking to the times, the den had a different 1920s track playing. It was a small change from the main area 1920s music that people may not have consciously noticed. The details are key. Eric and our friend Ricky certainly enjoyed the lounge area. 

For beverages we stuck mostly to wines and vodka based concoctions. One of my birthday gifts was the ingredients to a favorite drink of mine, a Manhattan. 

Our friends really put thought into their outfits. I know some of them were nervous they wouldn't get the looks quite right, but everyone did a good job. I'm glad all had fun getting creative for their attire. 

We even made the restroom appear a flapper lived there. She left a mess as you all can see. (I ended up in the pic. I wasn't sly enough)

It was a roaring time! All seemed impressed with the party's look/decor. If we had a bigger place and budget, who knows what we would've done!!

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