Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photo Fun at the Disney Parks

I can't say I call myself a photographer at all but I do love snapping pics! I most definitely know when I dislike a photo. I try to make all the subjects involved look as best as they can. If I notice I've accidentally given someone two chins, DELETE! As I walk through city sights or theme parks I can see bad photos being taken all over. You know, it is when the subject/persons are right up against a monument or signage I want to correct them. I definitely don't do that because it is just too odd. 

Anyway, Eric and I were at Disney California Adventure and Disneyland yesterday, and I messed around a bit with my iPhone 5. (Below, what is that shadow in the bottom, right corner?)

It was a warmer day than we anticipated. We almost wore shorts, but it was pretty breezy at home. I was sorry that I changed my mind. There wasn't a breeze at the park. But, I'm not complaining because regardless of what the groundhog said back in February, it's been cold for too long. 

We headed straight for the Paradise Pier area to the Paradise Garden Grill. Since I've recently gone back to being a vegetarian, I had the Veggie skewer. There were two chunks of tofu on my skewer plus veggies. I haven't had tofu in a while and found the texture mushy. It's one of those things you just accept if you're choosing to give up meat. The sauce is amazing and added great flavor!

We then waited a quick 8 minutes for Goofy's Sky School. There was a woman in our vehicle that was freaking out. It's a small coaster, but those turns really make one feel as though you'll fly off the track. She kept shouting, "This is too scary! Scarier than the big coaster!" Eric and I just laughed away at her. We ended up seeing that couple everywhere after that ride. See if you notice this happening to you next time you're at the parks. 

I could say we only took a trip to Cars Land with a plan to ride Radiator Springs Racers, but that would be a lie. Without a lot of convincing I told Eric we should grab a mud pie from Flo's V8 Cafe. Neither of us had eaten one in a while. It was as scrumptious as always!

Eric suggested we take the route of the single rider queue. We hadn't used it before because riders are split up. Luckily we ended up in the same vehicle, but separate rows. It's a little awkward when the rest of the car's riders are laughing and interacting with one another.....cut to me, laughing with my reflection in the car's rear view mirror (nice touch since it is suppose to be a race car).

We jumped parks and had a stroll through Fantasyland. This visit then confirmed to me that the area music was still being used. About a month ago Eric and I noticed that there is an orchestration playing along with the carousel calliope music. The new or once lost music is impressive as it is a counter melody to the calliope's feed. If you haven't noticed it heard this, check it out. 

At one point we wanted to ride the Matterhorn, but that ride broke down as we waited. "Let's try Alice in Wonderland" suggested Eric. 
Well, that ride had also been experiencing some issues. We also took a few steps toward Storybook Land and saw that the attraction had closed off the queue for the parade. 

So it was going to be a road trip through the English countryside! I wonder if our motor car will get us to a pal of ours in Poulton Le Fylde, England? As usual, we passed a crumbling bridge and a dynamite factory! It always ends with a trip to Hell. It seems J. Thaddeus Toad made a few bad decisions.  

It would seem that Eric and I were one of the last few to visit the Iron Man display at Innoventions. This is a building we never enter, but we now had a reason. There's no question that the suits were cool. It just seems that the long queues that once existed for the exhibit weren't necessary. 

With that promising look at tomorrow, we decided to end our Disney day. There's a Greek celebration this weekend that we might attend. I know there are a few few items, that don't have meat, that I'd like to try. Plus, Hercules will be walking around with his muscles exposed! I know Eric and I will be all over that! 

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