Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fast Pass Plus invites!

So our Walt Disney World trip is fast approaching! Less than three weeks to go and today we received a Fast Pass plus invite. This would allow us to schedule fast pass uses for one day at the Magic Kingdom. A guest is able to print your attraction schedule from a kiosk at the park or from Magical Express check-in. The catch for the trail period is that we must use the system on our first day. We'll need to get four sets of two to get through the site, and choose the same time frames. 

Although its great we can test out this system, we don't arrive until 4 pm. We went ahead and chose our four attractions. Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan, Big Thunder Mountain, and Winnie the Pooh were the attractions we chose. We based these choices off the fact that the queues for these are usually longer. Jungle Cruise might seem like an odd one but it always has a lengthy wait. Then there came a problem. The computer scheduled our times in the morning hours and wouldn't let us alter them for evening. We tried again and the system kicked us out for software compatibility. 

Our other travel companion attempted to use this as well and had a different experience. He wasn't booted out. Instead, the site wasn't allowing him to navigate through choices. There are buttons you use to select time ranges and refresh your page. His "buttons" were not visible. We're on our way to losing the evening slots!!

We then tried my iPad it was compatible! Two of our times, for Jungle Cruise and Peter Pan, are still too early, but we'll work on getting that changed. It says we can try again for different times. Our friend sent us a text letting us know he had luck as well! Now we need to notify two more sets of two. 

Did anyone else out there receive an e-mail? What do you think of the system or idea of it? Let me know down below. Personally I don't like to plan things down to the wire. Dinner reservations are usually as far as I go. Also, we normally use Extra Magic Hours to plan which park to visit, but all your attraction times? Even though it might be too much planning I'm willing to try it. I'll cross my fingers that we can get better time slots for those two attractions. 

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