Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Surfing Through a 10K Run

I think the more we participate in runDisney events, the easier it is to wake up at 3 AM. I'm sure it helps that it's our regular wake up time for work. 
I have to add that usually I have a little excitement the night before and I can't fall asleep quickly. This time around I had no problem sleeping. We had a long day. 

As I mentioned, we wake up around 3 AM for work. The Friday before the run we needed to pick up our race information. So after working ten hours we arrived at the Expo near 4 PM. There was a healthy sized crowd at the Disneyland Hotel convention center. The crowd flow was great and organized. Participants are sent into the parking garage, which was decorated for the occasion, then back out again to the halls. 

It was a hot day and we were ready to get back into the convention center. 
Eric and I didn't buy anything this time around. We did browse a few booths for men's active wear. The fashion was dedicated to women with character themed skirts and headwear. Don't these vendors know that men also wear clothes? We even wore clothes to the event to prove this. 

We were eager to get home. After a quick stop in the Official Merchandise store, we left. Eric and I had to make the same trek back to the car through a very hot Downtown Disney. I was crossing my fingers that the weather during the race wouldn't be as hot and humid as last year. 

Getting back to the start of our story, before the break of dawn.  It almost seemed like we were one of the first to arrive. Getting into the structure was so easy. I don't think we had seen this before. As it turns out, we had forgotten that both the 5K and 10K took place at the same time last year. This year they had been separated, a good thing. 

Here you can see we are ready to take on the world. (Translation : Take on the slope that dips under the hotel tram drop off....hate that part of the course)
I want to mention there was a slight, cool breeze happening!! No humidity like last year!  

As the participants gather with anticipation, all of our attention is locked on one individual. Kronk! 
This was the best costume we had seen that day. This guy even had Izma vocals and music from the film, Emperor's New Groove. I'm not sure how he dealt with wind resistance, but everyone loved it. Here's one more full body shot where Izma is shown. 

The route was the same as last year and that was a relief. It's great to know what you're in for so that you can prepare for the "ups and downs". 

As Eric and I made our way through the course, we kept an 11 minute per mile pace. We do enjoy character photo ops, but we didn't really see anyone that caught our eye. 
Apparently we were fine with photos of just ourselves! 
Eric used to drive this trolley through Toontown, during his attractions days.
The theme of Stitch/Polynesian/Retro Elvis was falling flat. I don't think I even saw Lilo out along the route. "Elvis" Stitch was near the river in Frontierland, but at that point we didn't feel like waiting in the queue. Running along the Rivers of America meant that we were almost through with this 10K! 

Both Eric and I paid homage to our friend Miley-chan, as we ran past the Pirates of the Carribean attraction. It was at that spot where Miley fell during the 2014 Tinkerbell Half. But, I think we promised not to tell anyone. 

We wound our way through Downtown Disney. Once we hit the Tortilla Joe's restaurant, that's when I knew it was almost over. This race had gone by quickly. I think it's my favorite length of a run event because it's all in good fun. There wasn't a moment where I had to negotiate with myself to keep pushing forward. I can recall whistling at one point, but I forget what melody I used. 

And look! They even gave us medals! We finished in 1 hour and 8 minutes. That's about 11 minutes shorter than last year's 10K, not bad! 

I can be seen here looking very awkward and hunched over. Not my best photo at all!

We also had a few pals running the event. Josh and Daniel joined in for the second year in a row. No one passed out and we all finished. Both Eric and I skipped the Half Marathon this year. I'm pretty sure we will run the Dumbo Challenge next Labor Day (run both the 10K and Half Marathon in one weekend). 

For the time being, Eric has the Avenger's Half in November. I'll train with him, and then cheer him on from the sidelines. I'm going to try and see him at as many cheering locations as possible. So, I guess it's a good idea I'll be training with him!!! 

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