Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Along the Waters of Walt Disney World


Our first full day was exactly that, full! After our fabulous breakfast at Boma, our goal was to see as many resort decorations as possible, then head to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. We would visit the Epcot hotels and try to see at least one Magic Kingdom resort. A hotel is referred to "Magic Kingdom" if it borders the lake that sits in front of the Magic Kingdom park. From our hotel we caught a bus to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Above is the tree just outside that park's main entrance. We loved all the tinsel used to represent the obvious, Tinsel Town! 

For those that haven't visited Walt Disney World, there is a lengthy trail that connects Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios. It was a beautiful day for a long walk. 

The first hotel we explored was The Boardwalk. This hotel has a lot of the time share type rooms, but I do hope to one day stay here. We love the New England shoreline theme. I would say all the hotels along this body of water, apart from the Swan & Dolphin, share a similar theme. Their holiday decor was just as interesting. Don't believe me? This Christmas tree made Eric so happy, he flew right off the pavement! Peter Pan doesn't have anything on him. 

In the Boardwalk's lobby, between these two trees was a concession stand made mostly from gingerbread and candy. Cotton candy was being made fresh. And, one could of course buy gingerbread, some snacks, and I believe lemonade. I ask myself now why we didn't buy anything, but I am certain we were too full from breakfast. 


Even without this Christmas overlay, the buildings and furnishings set a specific tone. We felt ourselves slide into the past where seaside carnivals evoked a sense of fantasy and sinister characters. Speaking of oddities, check out these two chairs we found. Would you want to take a rest on these two antiquities? 

Eric and I found something a little more full of comfort. We rocked in those seats for a bit, sat back and enjoyed this view. What a day! 

This hotel, Disney's Yacht Club, would be the next stop on our walking tour of Christmas decor. 

Look at Eric! lucky I married this man. This morning/afternoon was perfection. The two of us weren't in any hurry. We took in the colors of the sky, the colors of the decor, and the sounds of the land. "BICYCLE coming through the boardwalk!!!" 
Ok so we were in the way of a few bicyclist, but I think you get the idea of our day so far. 

I'm a sucker for photographs where our wedding bands are shown. But my goodness! Our walking shoes are massive!!! As you have seen so far, we had a long walk, and a lot more walking ahead of us. 
The Yacht Club had a traditional feel to its overall decor and holiday additions. Lighthouses and sail boats were a running theme. There was a fun train set and town that we watched for a bit. As we watched the trains go around and around, I thought of Gomez Addams, a lover and wrecker of train sets. And, of course Walt Disney came to mind. I bet Walt's largest train set is circling Disneyland 365 days a year. 


We have seen a boardwalk and a harbor, but now it was time to visit a hotel on the beach. Disney's Beach Club color scheme reminds me of the house we rented for a while in Newport Beach, CA. Our place was the same color and trim, until it was painted. But, that is besides the point isn't it? Or, maybe I just wanted to insert that so you'd know we lived in a cool beach house for 5 years! 

Your eyes are not deceiving you. 


Inside this hotel we encountered a lot of chocolate made into unexpected creations. There was a fascinating carousel rotating as if to tease the senses. Well I regressed to my 4 year old self and was ready to climb through the poinsettias, and take the biggest bite out of it! But you know, people were watching and this was a classy hotel. 

We even found an underwater castle, Atantica, where Ariel the mermaid once lived with King Triton. CHOCOLATE again!

The designers even included some information as to what ingredients were used for the carousel. I would have even eaten this list!

Eric and I had seen what these three hotels had to offer for Christmas, but time was slipping away. Our goal was to start for Magic Kingdom park by 3 PM and it was nearing 1:30 PM. In order to stay with our goals of the day we needed to head straight into Epcot via the park's rear entry, maybe see one attraction, and then exit at the parks front entrance to catch the Monorail to Magic Kingdom. There are so many ways to get around Walt Disney World. In one day you could use all forms of transportation. 

In the next phase of the blog you'll hear about how we were almost late for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party. This day was jam packed with Christmas and we loved it! Keep in mind, not one attraction had been ridden this day, so far. 


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