Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More Comic Con stories!!

And just like that we were HUNGRY!! We had been up since before dawn and were crashing quickly! We had to work our way outside the building. It felt like a casino where you get so turned around, you have no clue which direction is what. On our way out the door I found a fabulous Sailor Moon! I was like "Work it Girl!!" (I didn't know she wore a watch???)


Thanks to modern technology we googled a Chipotle about a mile away and headed right for it! Downtown San Diego has some interesting buildings peppered with a few pan handlers. But on this day there were themed "cabbies". Can't go to this pop culture Mecca without running into Game of Thrones and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. 

We lucked out in that no one else was at Chipotle. But even though the place was quiet, we dashed back to the convention center. I really wanted to get a photo with John Barrowman. He's from the shows Torchwood and Doctor Who. And although it doesn't really matter, he's Gay! As it turns out, to get a photo and meet with him, one must pay $50!! I had no clue that would be the case. We were foolish to think it would be from the goodness of his heart. Eric agreed it was just too much to ask so we went on our way to the Disney Afternoon panel. 

Met a few villains along the way!

There were many adults that waited for the Disney Afternoon panel. So much of us grew up on the cartoons of Darkwing Duck, Gummi Bears, Rescue Rangers, and DuckTales. Eric was beside himself! I thought I was a fan of the line up...he was a bigger fan! It was unfortunate for us that the panel was so disorganized. They didn't really know what to talk about other than the origins of the series. I can say that section was cool, hearing about a secret meeting at Michael Eisner's house. They did show a pitch for Goof Troop, which was great. Oh! They had a DuckTales theme song, sing-along. That was a little much, but still fun. As I covered, most time was spent rambling.  

The whole time we sat there I regretted not paying the $50 to meet John Barrowman. I contemplated leaving and meeting Eric afterward, but I didn't want to get lost. (I'm a grown adult,but at Comic Con getting lost IS an option). 

After the panel ended we rushed back to the booth. The photo session was over and they had moved on to some obscure actor I hadn't heard of before. I was disappointed. I hadn't bought anything, so what else was I gonna spend that $50 on? Gas? Boring!!! 

As we decided to wander some more we saw him! There he was with his husband! 

And then I got really close to him, but he blinked!! Blinked!! Out of all the seconds in the world, he blinked during my photo!!

We then wanted to find "@ComicBookGirl19" from YouTube. Anyone else know of her? Our pal Rich introduced us to her channel on YouTube. She talks a lot about comics, general Sci-Fi, and Game of Thrones. At the booth she was hanging at, there was another "pay to meet me" vibe. I couldn't find any merchandise I liked. So I did what any sly, weirdo fan would do. Snapped a quick pic and got outta there! Check out her channel though! 

Eric bought a few comic books and I debated if I was gonna start the new Superman Unchained. I didn't end up buying the first few editions as I had two X-Men stories at home to read, Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past. We had a great time just checking the booths out. 

At Comic Con what do I buy?? A Disney print! Eric and I found Amy Mebberson, who I've mentioned on this blog before. She was also at WonderCon. Here's the print she had available called "Family Foes".

Mother Gothel looks rather creepy as she strokes a lock from Rapunzel's hair. 

Eric still wanted to look into the Funko booth, which I was just fine doing. The line was a lot shorter than earlier but the booth was very thinned out. Eric and I found a few items we liked. One pop vinyl, a zombie from Plants vs. Zombies is for my nephew. But, I'm keeping the "Animal" (Muppets) figure! There was even a claw machine where one can win pop vinyls. No luck!!

It was still just after 5 PM but the tiredness was creeping onto us. A few quick passes down a few aisles had us "pooped"!

We felt that we really needed more time. Another day would definitely give us a chance to see more. We saw about 50% of the showroom floor and saw .5% of panels. Now that we both are on the e-mail list, we will get an early registering slot for next year. I recommend this even to all interested in not just comics, but pop culture too. 

I hope you're all ready for D23 Expo stories because that's up next!

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