Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Free Candy to Scares in the Streets!

It was that time of year again when we all needed to avoid the demons that are roaming the earth! To avoid the spirits we dress like goblins, ghosts, witches, Hogwarts students, Doctors without names, or cheap prostitutes (but claim to be bunnies)!! But seriously all, Halloween is up there with Christmas as my favorite holiday. Who doesn't have great memories of running door to door and asking for candy? I have a lot of memories of dressing up the outside of our home with lighting and scary vignettes for the Trick-o-Treaters. Then as an adult, Eric and I use to haunt the yard with strobe lights, gravestones, and many pumpkins. This year our friend Natalie had us over to hangout and pass out candy. We had a great time.

She lives in an area with older houses that have a lot of character to them. These houses all have cool porches, huge trees, balconies, and 1940s styles. The residents use this aesthetic to their advantages for Halloween. To prep for the night we decorated the front of Natalie's place. We were told by the resident next door that close to 500 kids come around!

Natalie and Kristen had some haunting ideas!

Eric and I spun a web that would put a Black Widow to shame!

Natalie also invited Kristen, another friend, and they had an early start on trying to get the house up to par for the night's festivities. Eric and I arrived with candy in our bags, and a few items to add to the yard. As mentioned earlier, Eric and I have a history of haunting a yard, so the two of us quickly got to work. The sun was setting quick and the kids would be coming soon! We even had three groups show up as we were setting out the decorations. The fact that the kids were already out gave us a hint of what was to come.

Dr. Who and Eric as a Hufflepuff student form Hogwarts
Krsiten(left) was Jane Fonda & Natalie was Jane LaFonda!

Natalie's home ready to receive the dressed kids!
Once the sun went down the kids came in huge groups. There were a few instances we had a queue going to the sidewalk. At that point a little girl, around 4 years, decided she had a pass to the front of the line. She made a "bee-line" to Kristen and opened up her sack. She was ready for that chocolate. We all laughed so hard! It really was a fun time as we gave out the candy to all the "free loading kids" ;-)

About 2.5 hours later we were clean out of candy! (Of course we popped a few wrappings of chocolate into our tummies as well) We wanted to take a little walk and see what else was going on around the neighborhood. As we set out we were met with crowds of kids clogging up the sidewalk. For a brief period our little group was at a stand still. There was even a house that set up a haunted maze. Being a Halloween enthusiast I wanted to go in, but the queue went clear down the street. I took a photo of the maze's facade, but it wasn't a great shot. I did get a photo of a house that was also decked out for the holiday. At this time of the night, they were also out of candy, but were still scaring pedestrians. The father there said he gave out just over a thousand pieces of candy!!

The smaller character here really got Natalie as we passed by. He followed her and it was hilarious!

Monsters everywhere!!
Again, we had such fun that we hope to do this again. It sure is tough when Halloween falls on a weekday because it makes you feel a little "short changed" that work is early the next day. When I am a few years older, Halloween will be on a Friday in the year 2015. (all photos courtesy of my iPhone 5)

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