Thursday, October 4, 2012

Heat, Friends, Food, and Joys at Disney World

After a year of not visiting Florida, Eric and I returned with six others. As expected we found a steamy weather pattern that blanketed the area in what felt like 100% humidity. Although that weather is well known as what Central Florida has to offer, we took a chance on this tail end of Hurricane Season. To our luck we had no hurricanes. We did have an encounter with a downpour not ever experienced by this California native and a few distant lightning strikes. It goes without saying that even with this weather we had a great vacation that I'm excited to share. I have many photos to sort through from my regular camera and iPhone 5. A few of these are from the panoramic feature that I went a tad crazy using.

It may be a bit much to recount all of the 8 days here. As of now I want to focus on our version of Epcot's 30th anniversary, Islands of Adventure, the Dining Plan, Twilight Zone 10 miler, and of course various attractions at Disney World. We had a few "first timers" and I think all four of them left with a good impression. The trip wore them out, but I feel they really enjoyed themselves and had many laughs. I hope those laughs get them through rush hour traffic or a bad day at work. I'll be posting more very soon!

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