Friday, August 31, 2012

Walt Disney World's 40th Anniversary/Universal Orlando

WALT DISNEY WORLD's 40th Anniversary/Universal Studios Florida
Fall 2011

It certainly had been about 8 years since Eric and I had visited the Florida resorts on our own. We have so much fun with our friends and family, but sometimes you need to go alone. It had been a crazy Summer at work. We were more than itching for a chance to get away and out of state. I think Eric convinced me about 10 weeks prior to book this trip. I must add that I wasn't sure if we could swing it so quickly, but we did.
I can bet a little more than a few out there think we are just crazy. Why not Vegas? Why not The Grand Canyon? Well, if you have been to Disney World and enjoy it as much as us, you'll know there is no other place like it. If you have a blast at Disneyland and California Adventure, the resort in Florida will have your attention from the start. So where does one stay when you book last minute? Why the value resorts of course (umm...we pretty much stay there every trip. Don't judge lol). 

The value resort we chose this time around was The All-Star Sports resort. The grounds are kept up real nice and if you can stand the very Disney look of the place, and kids, it's for you. I think on a normal trip Eric and I spend about 8 hours at the room, including sleeping. One day we will stay at the Boardwalk or maybe even Disney's Beach Club. Those two are walking distance to EPCOT, our favorite park. As you can see, we had a great view of a lightning storm one night. I must have taken 20 photos of pitch black sky before i nabbed this one.

But enough about the resort!! Soon we'll get to the heart of the trip and the experience of a lifetime that I had with Eric. (all our trips are an experience of a lifetime)

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